In his new book, "Secrets to a Pain Free Life", Dr. Ghorbani offers straightforward, useful advice for patients and clinicians that can help them navigate through baffling, or in some cases, deceptive claims about pain relief. | Doctor Reza Ghorbani, a Harvard-trained, board certified Interventional Pain Management Specialist, is currently the President and Medical Director of Advanced Pain Medicine Institute in the Greater Washington, DC area.
Mark Davis, MD Review
President Healthnets Review Services & Healthcare Book Critique
"Doctor Reza Ghorbani, a foremost expert in pain management, has published an incisive new book entitled Secrets to a Pain Free Life… Dr. Ghorbani's book introduces the reader to an entire new range of treatments rarely considered by those in the field of pain management… A well-written and professionally researched work this book assuredly will become part of many health care libraries."

Kirkus Review
"Ghorbani, a medical doctor and pain-management specialist, provides intriguing facts here about the history of pain treatment, current attitudes toward pain management, the uses of prescription medications and natural remedies, and his own all-natural pain relief medication… About half the book is dedicated to a discussion of medicinal herbs, including a wonderful variety of recipes with pain- and inflammation-fighting ingredients and powerful antioxidants… hopeful, helpful resource for readers who might want to reach for something other than aspirin."

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